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Conversion Sciences has completed thousands of tests on websites of all kinds for businesses of all sizes. At times, we’ve been under pressure to show results quickly. When we want to place a bet on what to test, where do we turn? The value proposition. It’s the #1 factor determining your conversion rate. If you deliver a poor value proposition, there is little we can do to optimize. If you nail it, we can optimize a site to new heights. So, I have to ask: have you ever taken the time to split test your value proposition? This article shows you how to identify a poor value proposition, hypothesize a series of better alternatives, and split test them to identify the wining combination of copy, video and images.

Idea to test from this article:

  • KO

    Karina Oleskevich

    over 3 years ago #

    “You’re talking to your customers the way you think marketers are supposed to talk. It’s marketing-speak, and people hate that… you should talk like your customers do”

    For any digital content I find taking a step back and thinking about the way I'm phrasing something is very important. Often times we fall into the marketing speak- the 'Act now' and 'don't wait' phrases. Speaking like this blurs your content into more of an advertisement, than a marketing ploy or a social post.

  • NA

    Nabeel Azeez

    over 3 years ago #

    Example #5 was brilliant. It really drives home the importance of CLARITY.