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You probably heard that every 9 out of 10 startups collapse? Moreover, just a little more than half of all new business projects survive their 4th year, and the startup breakdown rate is about 44 percent, reported by to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Each startup is a quite complicated process that requires careful planning and close attention at every phase. Exploring this problem, we saw a lot of different tips, most of which are very common and trite. After analyzing the list of the main causes of startup failures provided by cbinsights.com, as well as the real stories of new business projects, we created the list of 10½ the best working tips for startups. Our Best Startup Tips list is about business idea, market research, financing, client profile, MVP, partners, technical team, legal aspects, analytical tools, and other important aspects. Following our advice, you can take into account all the most important and ensure the success of your startup. Also our little hints will help you to be aware for which project stages every tip is relevant.

Tip #1 - Check the uniqueness of your new business idea
We believe you value your time and efforts, so if you aren’t willing to reinvent the wheel, come up with something that already exist, you should assess whether your idea is new. There are some tools to do it, and PROVED is one of them. In order to use it, you can add an idea or a ready-made prototype, with problem description and its solution. Less than in one day due to this service you will get a feedback about your business idea. You will figure out if it’s new and if it's applicable and relevant for target audience.

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