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Do you know how many active email accounts there are in the world?

The number is expected to hit 7.71 billion by 2021.

Email communication is more private than social media. It’s not in everyone’s face.

However, it’s still essential, especially from a marketing expert’s perspective.

That sense of privacy creates a valuable connection with potential customers. They subscribed to your email list. That gesture says they want to get occasional messages and promotional offers from you.

That's why those emails have to be amazing.

Here are 10 resources that will help you to create great emails.

  • KT

    Kevin T

    over 1 year ago #

    Hi Lucia,

    Thanks for sharing this useful tools!

    Email communication is indeed essential whether it is for any transaction or for marketing purpose. It has proven great ROI compared to all other communications. For successful email campaign, email deliverability is very crucial factor to consider. Email deliverability is mainly depend on the quality of email lists so it is very important to very email list and eliminate unreachable contacts before sending any email. This helps to reach the real customers and avoid hard bounces. I would recommend to add one more tool in your list, that is https://quickemailverification.com/ which helps to reduce email bounce rate and improve deliverability.

    • AF

      Alex Ferguson

      over 1 year ago #

      Agreed with Kevin, the linked article is highly resourceful but would add more value if email verification tools gets a place. Also, QuickEmailVerification is rated best in our list of 30+ vendors https://bulkemailverification.com/ in terms of accuracy, free trial as well as customer support.

  • HB

    High Buzz

    over 1 year ago #


  • SK

    Swagata Kumar

    over 1 year ago #

    Great post Lucia! Although many people think email marketing is no longer effective but I feel it still provides some solitude in the chaos called "Social media". You will hardly find a person who says he doesn't check his emails daily. But to be effective, you need to standout in the Inbox.