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This post will focus on social media marketing tools, divided into three groups : social media management, social media monitoring, and social media advertising.

  • SR

    Saranya Rajesh

    8 months ago #

    Nice article, i have used Mention and Awario so far, will look for other tools and analyze how it relates to me. Thanks for sharing @aleh

  • PG

    Peter Galle

    8 months ago #

    A very nice list

  • PG

    Prannaya Kumar Giri

    8 months ago #

    thanks for sharing.

  • GK

    Gangadhar Kulkarni

    8 months ago #

    Hello Alina/Aleh,

    Informative info you shared here about social media marketing. These social media tools are really helpful to execute your marketing strategy successfully.

    Currently, I am using Buffer and Mention and both really helpful and result oriented. Thanks for sharing valuable info with us...!!!

    Best Regards.

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