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According to Columbia Business School, only 11% of marketers make data-driven business decisions. The other 89% of marketers are relying on HiPPOs (highest paid person’s opinions) to make decisions for them. And for every $92 spent to acquire traffic, just $1 is spent to optimize it even though CRO is the only digital marketing activity that is 100% focused on making more money. Here's ten rules for winning (and making more money) in 2014 that are based on CRO. Each of these rules is explained in detail and include tremendous insights:
  • Don't be stupid (make data-driven decisions)
  • Learn how to win over the girl/boy
  • Understand that it's about the process, not tactics
  • Know where to get the data
  • Become a master of analytics
  • Insight rules
  • Learn to avoid change and experiment instead
  • Allocate resources to conversion optimization
  • Test it right
  • Learn to prioritize