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Switching to remote work is a trend that dominates. The latest reports indicate doubling the number of remote workers in the recent 10 years. And despite the famous Yahoo ban in 2015 that forced the employees to return to the offices, the trend for remote jobs opportunities keeps on expanding globally.

Among driving forces facilitating this growth, there are new managerial practices and innovative tech solutions that enable top companies to increase hiring remote teams.

Lack of effective tools, however, might hinder the productivity of your team so making the right choice in terms of software that would empower the team collaboration, will save you from facing numerous challenges.

Below there is a list of 10 ultimate tools you will find useful when working with a remote team.

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    vyshnavi basuthkar

    11 months ago #

    It's a nice which combines chat, group chat, phone, conference, video, desktop sharing, video conference in one and many more things.