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The most effective growth strategies for bootstrapped startups have come from design and social influence, incorporating the two together. The last cool startup you saw didn’t have a Facebook ad mocked up in Paint and that landing page that you signed up for a BETA invite through? It didn’t look like shit, did it? Here's 10 awesome examples of minimal landing page design in 2018.

  • TC

    Tad Chef

    8 months ago #

    As a lover of minimalist design I have to say these look really clean and simple but do they really work business-wise? The rule of thumb is to make things as simple as possible but not simpler than that. Some of the examples seem to cross that boundary.

  • VK

    Valeriya Kornus

    8 months ago #

    Wow, I really like this list. I agree with the choice and want to say that current minimalistic trend is really hype.

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