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Business is all about branding. It isn’t just the logo or the color scheme; it’s every first impression, every customer interaction and every little detail associated with your company. From the internet to in-person interactions, all of it is branding. In the digital world where users can access content at all hours of the day, in a dozen different ways, branding is paramount to a company’s survival.

Why, you ask? Because branding is also about relevance. In recent years, we’ve seen major brands go from iconic to obsolete because they couldn’t adapt. One example of this is American Apparel (whose doors closed forever last year), a brand that was once at the top of the food chain. It eventually fell flat because it just couldn’t appeal to customers in the way that it used to. While we mourn the absence of their colorful hoodies, we also celebrate the success of other brands who fared much better with the digital revolution.

These ten creative branding hacks will help your company evolve into the best version of itself and show you how to create a brand identity.

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