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Daniel is a professional webinar wrangler and crafty B2B marketer. In multiple marketing rodeos, Daniel has put on more than 500 webinars and analyzed over half a million more.

Now Daniel is on a mad mission to end all dull webinars. To that end, he’s constantly experimenting with the cheeky goal of creating no less than the world’s best webinar program. You’ll find the best of what he’s learned in his epic 10,000-word webinar tips post

Outside work, Daniel is a geek at heart who loves LEGO, sci-fi and the occasional video game if time permits. Despite these severe dating handicaps, he was lucky enough to get married and even luckier to have a son & daughter. 

Some thought starters for questions you might want to throw at Daniel:

- How to promote your webinars to get a full house;

- How to grow your audience & business with webinars;

- How to unsuck your webinars and engage your audience;

- How to reliably turn webinars into leads & sales;

- How to hack together a webinar funnel.

  • PV

    Philip Verghese Ariel

    24 days ago #

    Hi Daniel,
    Happy to join you on November 19,
    Looking forward to meet you on that D Day.
    All good wishes.
    ~ Philip Ariel

    • DW

      Daniel Waas

      21 days ago #

      Hey Philip, thanks for going first & kicking things off 🙌🥳
      Look forward to whatever you'll throw at me 🥋🙂

  • SE

    Sean Ellis

    16 days ago #

    Hi Daniel, awesome to see you on for an AMA. How are you guys structured for growth and marketing? For example, I assume you guys optimize referral loops for webinar attendees. If so, who manages those experiments? Thanks!

  • ML

    Merily Leis

    20 days ago #

    What are some good tips/best practices for gathering a good audience for the webinar?

  • DE

    Daniel Eis

    11 days ago #

    Hi Daniel Waas,

    My name is Daniel Eis, I'm Head of Growth at Shawee - A platform to Organizers of Hackathons.

    I have 2 questions for you:

    #1 What is the most important metric on the webinar? The number of Visualization, Engagement, Live Participants?
    #2 Speaking about engagement, how can I measure it on the live webinar?

    Thanks for your time.

  • DE

    Daniel Eis

    10 days ago #

    Hi Daniel,

    It's awesome can learn more about webinars. I worked for 3 years at a webinar platform called Eventials, the operation occurred in Brazil and South America.
    Ok, I have a question for you.

    #1 What is the major difference between a live stream and a webinar? Why I should use the GoToWebinar rather than Youtube ou Linkedin?


  • 1D

    1 Daily

    6 days ago #

    Very good :)))

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