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Michele Kiss is a recognized digital analytics leader, with expertise ranging across web, mobile, marketing, and social analytics. She is currently a Senior Partner at Web Analytics Demystified, the leading global digital analytics consulting firm, where she works with clients on analysis, training, and process, to help them draw insight from their digital data.

Michele is the winner of the Digital Analytics Association "Rising Star" award (2011) and "Practitioner of the Year" award (2013.) She is a frequent blogger, writer, podcast contributor and speaker. 

You can read her thoughts at michele.analyticsdemystified.com

She will be live on Dec 5 starting at 930 AM PT for one and a half hours during which she will answer as many questions as we can.

  • TT

    Tom Tao

    9 days ago #

    Can you talk about the key difference, pros and cons, of working as an analytics professional in-house, as well as a consultant ?

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