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Martin Gontovnikas, a.k.a Gonto, is a software engineer at heart that moved to the “dark side” and is now VP of Growth and Marketing at Auth0. With this career transition, he found a way to combine his 2 passions by applying his “engineering thinking” model to Marketing.

As a software engineer, Gonto built a framework for AngularJS called Restangular that eventually became popular and is used today by companies like weather.com, Reuters, CNN and others. During this process, he realized that he really enjoyed making Restangular popular, by creating content for his blog, answering questions in stackoverflow, and speaking at events, more than he had enjoyed actually building the framework. The “dark side was calling...

Thanks to his engineering roots, Gonto is a very analytical person that loves creating new experiments to continuously accelerate Auth0’s revenue growth, which has historically been 90% inbound and marketing driven. 

When not leading the growth and marketing team at Auth0, Gonto can be found enjoying gourmet food at new restaurants, having beers with friends at every local brewery he can find, and traveling the globe in search of new experiences.

You can follow him on Twitter (@mgonto) or read his (not so frequent) blog posts on his website

He will be live on Oct 31 starting at 930 AM for one and a half hours during which time he will answer as many questions as possible.

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  • ST

    Stanley Tan

    11 days ago #

    Hi Martin,
    What are your best marketing channels for Auth0?

  • VK

    Vanessa King

    10 days ago #

    Hi, Martin! Thanks for doing this AMA.

    How does your engineering background influence your approach to marketing, especially when it comes to experimentation?

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