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Emilia D’Anzica is the Vice President of Customer Engagement at WalkMe, a game-changing digital adoption platform. She is a certified Scrum master, PMP certified project manager, a Software-as-a-Service blogger and a frequent speaker at conferences. In the span of her career, Emilia has received awards for building and scaling outstanding global customer success teams including the 2016 Customer Service Team Stevie award. She has also received awards for being a top client service manager and leader, including the 2015 Totango Customer Hero award. Emilia’s focus is on global operations, strategy, and scale.

Emilia holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia and a Trans-Global Executive MBA from St. Mary’s College of California. Emilia speaks fluent Italian and has lived and worked in Italy, Denmark, France, Canada, and the US.

Specialties Include:

  • Creating Programs for Onboarding Employees and Customers

  • Scaling Global Customer Success Teams

  • Support, CRM & Applicant Tracking Systems

  • Scaling Operations

  • Global Marketing Management

  • Global Communications

  • Global Business Strategy

  • Managing Global Competition & Cooperation

  • Economic Analysis for Global Business

  • Creating Professional Service Teams and Packages

  • Building and Measuring with Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and Team KPIs

  • Data Analysis & Research Methods for Global Business

  • Managing & Leading Global Organizations (Experience in Europe, India, Thailand, North America  and New Zealand)

  •  Ethical & Social Issues in Global Management & Global Corporate Governance

You can follow her on Twitter: @emiliadanzica

She will be live on Jan 19 starting 930 AM PT for one and a half hours during which she will answer as many questions as possible.

  • DM

    David Morales

    5 days ago #

    Hello Emilia,

    What was the biggest challenge in 2016 for you and your team at WalkMe?



  • DH

    Dani Hart

    1 day ago #

    Hi Emilia,

    Awesome to have you on for an AMA!

    1. With your time spent leading and scaling teams, can you explain the type of company culture that leads to success?
    2. Are there any processes for growth you can detail that have worked for multiple teams?
    3. What's the most challenging aspect of your current role?

    Looking forward to reading your answers!


  • AL

    Arsene Lavaux

    7 days ago #

    Bonjour Emilia,

    Forse sarebbe meglio parlare in Italiano?

    Thank you for doing this AMA.

    Could you give us a potential example of how a customer success team collaborates with a growth team to deliver explosive and sustainable growth?

    Grazie mille!


  • DL

    Darren Lang

    1 day ago #

    Hi Emilia,

    Thanks for doing this!

    1. I'll begin with a more personal question - what advice would you give your younger self if you could?

    2. What's your take on utilizing success stories as a marketing strategy, and what are some of the ways you do it at WalkMe?

  • MM

    Mark Matinson

    about 9 hours ago #

    Could you give us a potential example of how a customer success team collaborates with a growth team to deliver explosive and sustainable growth?

  • DL

    Darren Lang

    about 6 hours ago #

    One more question: I've been reading about WalkMe, and I was wondering how exactly your product can be relevant to marketing managers?

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