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Dani Hart is a sustainable growth practitioner, currently traveling the world and learning as much as she can along the way.


Putting her degrees in Marketing and Environmental Studies to work,  Dani began her career testing new online strategies with international nonprofits to help increase donations and action. Managing a/b tests, campaign development, and email production for Defenders of Wildlife, WWF, Human Rights Campaign, and Save the Chimps.

After following her h(e)art and moving to California, Dani worked remote for a year before transitioning to Payoff, a fintech startup helping U.S. citizens pay off credit card debt and reach financial freedom. During this time she worked with Dr. Galen Buckwalter to begin using psychology and personality insights to enhance marketing segmentation and optimization.

Dani joined the GrowthHackers team and worked her way up to Head of Growth. Together, Dani and Sean Ellis produced the 2017 and 2018 GrowthHackers Conference agenda, along with all of the logistics of the event. She got her hands on anything and everything. Managing the marketing efforts for GrowthHackers’ software NorthStar, writing for the GrowthHackers Blog, learning from growth experts, and managing the growth process for the team were among her favorites.

In August 2018, Dani left her full-time role with GrowthHackers, began her own growth consultancy, Growth Gal and jumped into new learning goals around yoga, burnout, and applying psychometrics at scale with psyML. Dani is now traveling the world, 3 months at a time, currently residing in Amsterdam.

If you have questions about sustainable growth (personal or company-wide), yoga, running, psychometrics, traveling, working remote, etc. Dani’s ready to answer them on March 7th at 9:30am PT / 6:30pm CET.

  • CS

    Claire Suellentrop

    21 days ago #

    Dani, super excited for your AMA!

    I'm guessing there will be lots of questions about lessons learned at Growthhackers -- so, taking a different track, I'm eager to hear what you're learning in your work with psyML so far. Any interesting "aha" moments at the intersection of personality insights & growth?

  • PC

    Pedro Clivati

    17 days ago #

    Hey, Dani!

    Thank you so much for doing this. You and Sean have taken GH a long way, it's no easy job to keep up with such great work. My questions go around two different spheres:

    [GrowthHacking] In your opinion and experience, what are the biggest mistakes companies do when implementing a growth process in their organization - and how to avoid that?

    [Life] What impact did Yoga had in your personal and professional life?

  • JS

    Jarrod Stringer

    20 days ago #

    Hi Dani! I feel behind because I didn't even know what an AMA was. I'm like, "American Medical Association?" Oh well lol. I have a question about what drew you to Growth Hacking and if/how your move to Europe piqued other aspects of this passion. I.e., do you anticipate expanding your concept of growth in your exposure to different cultures and different modes of being/function/operation? Or maybe you're just hacking your own growth lol : ) I may have other questions later, but that's what's on my mind for now.

  • JS

    Jarrod Stringer

    20 days ago #

    Oh yeah, I forgot my other question: What triggered your interest in burnout and how has this shaped your approach to your own work? Is there even a way out in a society that tells you your value is tied to your productivity?

  • NV

    Nicolás Vargas

    16 days ago #

    Hi Dani, Thanks for doing this AMA

    I was wondering, 1) how did you develop and maintain your "what can I learn from this?" Mindset? - I'm working on a new project with college students and I think your experience and advice will help me a lot.

    Additionally, It would be great if you can share your thoughts on

    2)What are one to three books that have greatly influenced your life?
    3)What advice would you give to a smart, driven college student about to enter the “Growth” Industry? What advice should they ignore?


  • AF

    Alexandre Ferrari

    16 days ago #

    Hi, Dani!
    Looking at marketing segmentation based on the psychological aspect. There´re many ways to trigger specific moment/pain to bring targeted messages to personas. What the best ways (platforms, ads formats or others) you see from now to trigger by people thoughts and/or feelings?
    Thank you so much!

  • TW

    Troy Wendt

    15 days ago #

    Hi Dani!

    Very interested to hear your perspective on work-growth-life-yoga-running-travel balance! It can be so tricky to do meaningful and interesting work ... while practicing enough self care to keep a healthy and positive perspective.

    Looking forward!

  • VK

    Vrushal kapadnis

    13 days ago #

    Hi Dani,
    What is your GH process ?
    Thanks in advance

  • PV

    Philip Verghese

    10 days ago #

    I noticed from the bio that you learned from the growth experts learning from fellow beings and growth experts are really a wonderful opportunity. But my question to you is before getting such an opportunity to get acquainted with growth experts how did you learn? or let me put it this way, I am sure before reaching this present level I am sure you might have tried to learn many things on self. My question is self-learning or independent learning helped you in any way to reach to the success level?

  • JQ

    Jason Quey

    8 days ago #

    Hey, glad to see you back here, Dani!

    A couple questions:
    1. A lot of people online give a bad rap about going to college and getting a degree. Do you feel your marketing degree was worth the time/money cost? If so, how have you seen that to be true? If not, what do you wish you did instead?

    2. How do you see your services different than other marketing or growth consultancies?

    3. A spin-off of Peter Thiel: What's something related to growth that you believe is true that you believe most would not agree with you about?

  • TC

    Tad Chef

    about 12 hours ago #

    Hey Dani!

    Thank you for sharing your insights with us!

    I have two questions for you:

    how can we make the world a better place without starving while at it?

    Personally I have found it very hard. It seems you either end up working in business to grow profits or you work for non-profits and struggle while at it.

    Right now I found almost the perfect position to have both. I help people with self-controlled online publishing. It's more business than activism but it's empowering people speak out on their won terms.

    The second question is: why did you choose to focus on women or "gals" in your latest business venture?

    When I attended a gender studies seminar in the early nineties we were taught that there are basically two ways of dealing with gender. You can add gender to everything or subtract it from everything. I prefer the latter path.

    Do you think we need more focus on women in business? Are you really more a business gal that a business person?

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