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Ward van Gasteren is one of the first certified growth hackers in Europe and a former TEDx speaker. He has hands-on experience as a freelance Growth Hacking Consultant working for 70+ clients, from the fastest growing scale-ups (TikTok, Catawiki & StartupBootcamp) to the biggest Fortune 500 corporates (Cisco, Miele & KPMG).

You might also know him from his blog, GrowWithWard.com, one of the biggest growth hacking blogs with more than 10k readers every month. Soon he’ll also launch his first book for upcoming growth hacking consultants called ‘Growing Happy Clients’.

Last month, he also launched his Full Beginners Course to Growth Hacking here at GrowthHackers University. Why is he the perfect instructor for this course? He is focused on making growth hacking understandable for everybody, has hosted 100+ workshops and is nowadays focused on coaching growth hackers get better on-the-job, which makes him the perfect teacher to host our Ultimate Beginners Course to Growth Hacking, in collaboration with GrowthHackers University.

During this AMA, you can ask him anything about:

  • Working as a freelance growth hacker / growth consultant
  • Long-term growth strategies
  • How he built his blog GrowWithWard.com
  • Learning the latest growth hacking tactics
  • His new growth hacking course on how to become a Growth Hacker

You can connect with him on his LinkedIn