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Hi Growth Hackers! I’m Val Geisler, Email Marketing Strategist and Conversion Copywriter, and I'm ridiculously obsessed with email and the customer experience. You probably dream in conversion and churn numbers and I do too… and that's exactly why we're going to get along.

But let me tell you something: I'm not your traditional Growth Hacker.

I was born the oldest of four kids in a busy household with two working parents. In my Girl Scout troop, I was the organizer of the cookie sales, the planner for all outings, and the leader of the team. I am, after all, a Leo.

In college I majored in theatre production became a professional stage manager in the opera world. It was a fast-paced, high drama environment that required deep levels of organization. I mastered the Excel spreadsheet. Fonts and color-coding were my tools and knowledge and communication were my game. I managed paperwork, props, moving parts, and personalities galore.

Never one to shy away from a huge task, I then brought a big Canadian brand to a small Virginia town and built a community around yoga and love. It was an incredible honor. I’ve coordinated volunteers and participants at the Happiest 5k on Earth and planned travel logistics for the team making it all happen.

To say that over the years I learned a thing or two about speaking to a customer's needs and wants is an understatement.

I've spent the last six years deep in the world of customer experience and research. I built the content and email marketing for a fast-growing startup, wrote around the Internet about what makes for good email, and I am an introvert who loves figuring out how people think.

I also spent over a decade behind the scenes of everything from non-profits to multi-six-figure businesses, and I have the innate ability to think big picture and minute details at the exact same time. While this drives my husband a bit crazy, it works out really well for growing software companies.

So, yeah. I guess I am a Growth Hacker after all.

Some email marketing things that might interest you:

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Feel free to ask me anything you want to know about email marketing, customer experience, or women in tech. I'm passionate about those three topics in ways I can't quite describe. 

Oh, and come say hi on Twitter! I'd love to continue to get to know you.

Val will be live on Thursday, July 19 starting at 930 AM PT for one and a half hours during which she will answer as many questions as possible.

  • NK

    Nadya Khoja

    20 days ago #

    Hi Val!!!!

    1. What is your best advice for delivering bad news to users (let's say if you're planning on increasing prices of your product?)
    2. Really loved the Shopify teardown article- can you share any best practices for better segmenting drips/onboarding campaigns for different users, or how to organize those segments?

  • YP

    Yulia Peleneva

    11 days ago #

    Hi Val! Thanks for doing an AMA on Growth Hackers! I have 2 questions ->

    1) What's the best way to utilize subscribers who don't open emails for a long time? From your professional perspective in non-profits?

    2) How to show a value of being part of a community to subscribers for non-profits?

  • MV

    Maja Voje

    8 days ago #

    Hi Val, great that you are doing this!

    Email is so very important! I'd love to see more good literature out there. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I am eager to learn more about it from you.

    Here are 3 questions I would like to ask you:
    1. A similar question to what Nadya asked. What are your best practices in the behavioral segmentation of an email database?
    2. I addition to the standard email campaign metrics, do you do some additional research to evaluate how the campaigns resonate with the audience?
    3. Do you have some onboarding recommendations for email marketing automation (integrated with CRM) for B2B companies?

    Thanks a million, wishing you lots of career success and happiness.

  • AH

    Anna Hetzel

    6 days ago #

    Hey Val-
    Excited to hear all the answers to these great questions!
    Here's mine:
    - What's the best way to re-engage your email list after basically ghosting them for 6+ months? Have had a couple clients with this issue and it seems like a delicate moment. You don't want to just jump right back in, do you? How do you ease subscribers back into interacting with you?

  • BK

    Bill Kapner

    1 day ago #

    Hi Val

    What was your best performing subject line of all time?

  • SE

    Sean Ellis

    1 day ago #

    Hi Val, thanks for doing this AMA. How much should copywriting approach change between blogging, emails, website copy and UX copy on a product? Are experts generally able to be effective in all of these scenarios or is it better to specialize?

  • PA

    prasanth ammina

    about 3 hours ago #

    Hi Val, I like your expertise so much and learnt many things from you.

    I've many questions to ask but I'll limit myself to ask 3 questions

    1. How do you manage the expectations of your clients who demand the improvement of vain metrics more than the engagement of real customers. (Especially when your open rates plummet and unsubscribes increased)

    2. Previously you used to share all kinds of productivity tips on your blog. But now you're keeping it so professional and stopped sharing the things which worked for you. So, what are the best things you've discovered these days?

    3. How do you whet your skills each day? Any daily practices or habits you suggest for someone who wants to become a better copywriter or email marketer?

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