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Tyson Quick* is a digital marketing and advertising expert who’s addicted to creating amazing user experiences and laser-focused on perfecting the landing page creation and optimization process. As the founder and CEO of Instapage, the post-click optimization platform for advertisers and marketers, Tyson brings a lifetime’s worth of entrepreneurial experience and has built an organization that is poised to revolutionize digital advertising through personalized audience targeting.

Instapage was not born out of an “a-ha” moment. Instead, it sprang from a series of observations, or more accurately, anti-observations. Tyson founded Instapage in 2012 after seeing how performance and growth marketers were losing money in woefully underperforming advertising campaigns. His vision since then has been to create a post-click optimization product suite that maximizes returns through advertising personalization.

To date, more than 15,000 businesses, including HelloFresh, Soundcloud, and Vimeo, rely on Instapage.


*Tyson is speaking at the #GHConf19 stage.


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