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Tjaša Deu is a Social Media Strategist at K4k Media and Video Marketing Strategist and Content Creator specializing in YouTube where she has been active for more than 6 years and in this time created or been a part of the creation process of several award-winning YouTube channels.

In the beginning, she started out by creating her own channels and grew her second channel from 0 to 21k subscribers in a year organically. That channel also has 6 videos with more than 100k views each. Apart from consulting, she is also a public speaker and her in-person workshops were attended by more than 600+ attendees.

Tjaša has recently launched YouTube Marketing and Analytics at GrowthHackers University for brands and creators willing to uncover the secrets of growing and monetizing their brand with YouTube.

You can ask her about a wide range of topics, starting with the ones below:

-The YouTube algorithm basics

- How to outline your YouTube channel

- Creating a content strategy for YouTube

- Ways to personalize your channel 

- Monetization on YouTube

- Understanding Analytics with YouTube Studio 

Connect with her on Linkedin.

  • AS

    Aya Sedik

    about 1 month ago #

    How to make traffic to my YouTube channel?

    • TD

      Tjaša Deu

      about 1 month ago #

      Hi Aya!
      The question you should be asking is "Where are the people most interested in my content hanging out on the internet?"

      1. You could start by posting it on your own social media.
      2. Do you have an email newsletter you could send it to?
      3. What about Facebook groups? Which are the niches that would find your content useful?
      4. For some channels, Reddit and Twitter are a great source of traffic! Just search for people asking questions your videos are providing answers to!

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  • LB

    Lauren Bauman

    about 1 month ago #

    With paid YouTube campaigns, is it common to see a very high watch rate but extremely low click through rate? What do you recommend - iterating on creative and CTA's, or is it common to see more results come through remarketing to those who watch?

    • TD

      Tjaša Deu

      about 1 month ago #

      Hi Lauren,
      YouTube ads are one of those "interrupting" types of ads, that break the flow of whatever we were (planning to) watch. Most of them get skipped after 3-5 seconds so it's completely normal to expect lower CTR in comparison to other channels.
      The first thing i would look at is our creative and how well does it communicate in those first seconds. Do we interest the person enough, so he/she wants to watch more and eventually click?

  • ST

    Siyan Thirukketheeswaran

    about 1 month ago #

    1. Why do some videos get more impressions than others? Is it because one video is more popular than the other? For example, a video about making pizza dough and how to use a pizza dough machine.

    2. Are there tools or other things you can use to find out the volume of a keyword?

    3. If you make cooking videos for example, should you rank for low competition keywords or for high competition keywords in the beginning.

    4. What tools do you use on youtube to rank your videos on youtube search?

    5. Is the average playback time in percent or the normal playback time in time more important to rank on youtube search?

    6. Do you have any tips on how to rank better in the youtube search?

    7. How to get more impressions on youtube

    8. When should you start ranking for high competition keywords and why?

    9. Is there a kind of shadowban on youtube?

    10. What factors are used to rank a video in the youtube search? what is the most important and what is not so important?

    • TD

      Tjaša Deu

      about 1 month ago #

      Hi Siyan, let me dive into these wonderful questions. :)

      1. There are MANY factors that play into why one video is more popular than the other. I would assume that in your example the video about making the pizza dough got more impressions than the one with the dough machine. Am i right? Some of the possible scenarios might be: a) one topic is more searched for than the other, b) one video is more engaging than the other - check average view duration. How does the retention look like? Does one video have a more engaging beginning that is keeping people watching for longer? These are all signals to YouTube that the video is interesting. Option c) one video's thumbnail might be performing better than the other ones. Check the CTR of both videos and try changing the title & thumbnail to something more engaging. Do you notice any change? There could be many more factors, but these are the first 3 I would look at.

      2. Yes! Google Keyword Planner is one of them. You also have YouTube specific tools like TubeBuddy which will, even in the free version, help you with determining keyword volume and competition.

      3. Contrary to popular belief, you should dive into popular TOPICS. For example, during quarantine sour dough & banana bread were all the rage! If you create engaging videos around these topics, it might just happen they will appear as a suggested next video on a video from a very popular channel that just did a video about banana bread!
      Ok, let me give you a truly expert hack: You can also niche down on popular videos. To research this, just use YouTube search! Open an incognito Chrome window and start typing into YouTube search "banana bread ..." what comes up? What people are most searching for! Create a "banana bread with oats" video and you're staying in the popular topic while niching down to make it easier to breakthrough!

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    • TD

      Tjaša Deu

      about 1 month ago #

      4. No tool will guarantee you a higher rank in YouTube search. As i explain in detail in my course at GrowthHackers University, YouTube is a complex AI that will take into account 100's of signals when ranking videos - one of the most important ones being the preferences of the VIEWER! So make sure your videos look and sound good are engaging and provide value. Your titles & thumbnails should stand out but not be click bait-y! One tool that does help you to give you a general overview where do you stand regarding ranking is VidIQ.

      5. Both are super important. Recently, average playback time in % has become a bit more important again. The big driver behind YouTube's algorithm is the VIEWER SATISFACTION. So, who would be a more satisfied viewer? Viewer A who watched one of your 2min videos for 90% of it or viewer B who watched your 13minute video to 60%? :)

      6. Pay more attention to your titles&thumbnails and test out different creatives.

      7. See answers above :D This is where the general tips start to repeat themselves. For more of a detailed answer i would have to have a look at your channel and analytics.

      8. See answer 3. :)

      9. No, YouTube will not shadow ban you, it will make it painfully obvious when your videos aren't performing. And usually, it's either they are not engaging enough, they do not provide value, the video/sound quality is off or your thumbnails and titles are not getting people to click.

      10. The most important factor is viewer satisfaction. And there are 100's if not 1000's of factors that go into calculating this.

  • KK

    Karola Karlson

    about 1 month ago #

    Your website seems to be down. How can I find out more about the agency and collaboration possibilities?

    • TD

      Tjaša Deu

      about 1 month ago #

      Hey Karola,

      yes, we are currently doing some maintenance on it. Send me an email with your questions at hello@k4k.media and I will give you the full presentation. :)

  • LT

    Lisa Toner

    about 1 month ago #

    When it comes to building a content strategy - should it be based on search or do you find people gravitate more towards influential/trending topics or point of view content?

    How important is following one consistent formula for all videos or is it better to have a mix of different formats/styles on the channel? E.g. tutorials, journalistic angles, shorts?

    • TD

      Tjaša Deu

      about 1 month ago #

      Hi Lisa, such a great question!
      The answer really depends on what kind of channel you have: is it geared towards learning or entertainment? If you are just starting out, I would suggest going with some well-produced, evergreen content first. Based on SEO research, what are the topics in your niche people are most interested in? Create evergreen videos that answer those questions. I would first create a 'bank' of 10-30 videos like that and then slowly start mixing in seasonal topics and trends. Every change you do on YouTube, do it gradually, so people get used to it.

      When it comes to video formats, choose 3-4 that best suit you and your topic. Once those become an established part of your programming, start experimenting with new ones.

      Let me know if you would like me to elaborate more on these topics!

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  • QA

    Q&A AMA

    about 1 month ago #

    Question from Jonathan Korn

    Can I use YouTube videos to improve my website's SEO through backlinks?

    • TD

      Tjaša Deu

      about 1 month ago #

      HI Jonathan!
      Absolutely! YouTube videos are one of the best ways to improve your website's SEO + you are getting double exposure! People can find you through YouTube search and your video can pop-up while they are searching on Google also!
      This has proven to be a winning strategy many times.

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  • R

    João Diogo Rocha Pereira

    about 1 month ago #

    What do you think is the best way to bring viewers from YouTube to convert in another website? Display cards, above the fold link on description, mentions within the content itself, or any other?

    • TD

      Tjaša Deu

      about 1 month ago #

      Great question!
      In my experience, cards only work if there is a verbal call to action in the video itself.
      We've had the most success with links at the top of the video description together with one or more verbal and visual call to action shoutouts in the video itself. When it come to the exact position of the link, was it above the fold or not: the ones above the fold performed only slightly better then the other ones, so i would give way to more of a human approach in communication. For example, if your feel a short description of the video's contents would get the video better CTR, i would prefer that, over the link in the first line of the description.

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  • SD

    Stian Tobias Delsom

    about 1 month ago #

    What do you think is the best way to deal with changing algorithms, content ID abuse and the general volatility of Youtube as a platform?

    • TD

      Tjaša Deu

      30 days ago #

      Hi Stian! That's a very important question, that might discourage many people from starting on YouTube.
      I would put my bet on creating content your viewers love. Viewer satisfation will always stay very high on YouTube's list of priorities, so if we can keep that as our north star metric, we will be able to sail smoothly through the rough seas of YouTube (is it obvious i can hardly wait for summer to begin?). :D

  • JR

    Jasper Ruys

    25 days ago #

    Hey Tjaša,

    Currently, I am growth hacking, youtube channel about eczema.

    I improved views with 1k extra and watch-time with 201%, while subscribers stayed about the same, while revenue is going on a downtrend.

    What I changed:
    a) Let her make videos based on Tubebudy SEO scores of keywords.
    b) Improved the SEO of her top performing videos.
    c) Removed the videos with the worst CTR.
    d) Moved her branding towards eczema

    With an increase in viewers and watch-time, I thought I had improved add revenue, but I didn't.
    When I did some research in CPM, she scores above average in the eczema niche. I

    So my advice to her was to make longer videos so that youtube can run twice the ads.

    Do you have some better advice to improve her revenue, or should I make a better effort to persuade her to change her niche?

    • TD

      Tjaša Deu

      24 days ago #

      Hi Jasper,

      Revenue, (or let's focus on CPM here) is mainly based on where the viewers are coming from and then secondly niche.

      My first question would be are most of her viewers from Tier 1 countries like the US, GB, AU, CA, DE, etc?

      Eczema falls under skincare and that's a very strong niche, so there shouldn't be a problem.

      It's really hard for me to make assumptions without seeing the channel but I think there's only so much you can do with metadata optimization and that you should more focus on the content itself. Is it providing value for the target viewer? Do they want to see more content? In your niche, that's a huge opportunity, since eczema is a lengthy problem that takes many trials and errors to resolve. So I would focus more on the metrics of "videos watched per viewer" and subscribe rate, together with the notification bell.

      Aim for creating super fans of the content that will then organically re-share it in their local skincare groups or forums. With more views, you won't have to worry about CPM anymore.

      Also, think of adding additional monetization to the channel. AdSense is a nice beginning source, but it will probably never be the main source and it's also quite dangerous to rely on it as the only source of income. Think about affiliate links, services, or products to sell, etc.

  • DL

    Damon Levy

    about 1 month ago #

    When you are first launching Youtube paid campaigns, what are you looking for? CPV, CPC, Conversions? And if you aren't getting conversions, what do you do next?

    • TD

      Tjaša Deu

      about 1 month ago #

      Hi Damon,
      while i would love to help you, my field of expertise is in the organic growth of YouTube channels as part of a company's marketing mix. Most YouTube ads get skipped after 3-5 seconds so this short time really has to be impactful for a person to keep on watching and click in the end. I would go back to re-evaluating the create first.