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Ronald van Loom is recognized as a Top 10 Global Influencer in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science, Internet of Things, 5G, Machine Learning, and Digital Transformation. He has built a combined social media presence that reaches over 300,000 active data and analytics fans across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Ronald has taken this knowledge, experience, and connections to develop a platform called Intelligent World.  

Intelligent World is a thought leader, analyst, and influencer network that connects businesses, experts, and influencers to new audiences, and empowers them to collaborate, create and share exciting new content.  It’s a place where tech, AI, data, and analytics enthusiasts can receive in-depth education from the brightest minds across the world, and even access opportunities for free coaching courses.

Ask Him Anything:

- How to convert current physical (canceled) tech events (https://bit.ly/2WwoAgx) into a digital opportunity

- How to manage the change during Covid19 in your event marketing

- How to build thought leadership & lead gen in the Tech world for your personal & company brand

- Social media Thought Leadership content creation & engagement

- How to work (do's and don't) with tech influencers and what to expect

  • MM

    Matthew Metros

    8 days ago #

    When your brand has no exposure and no customers, what channels do you invest your time in? And what content do you distribute to become a presence?

    • RV

      Ronald van Loon

      about 20 hours ago #

      *Do you have a product or service? Are you B2B or B2C

      I am a B2B guy. The answers below are from B2B perspective.

      If yes, you need to find out who wants to buy it. So I would invest all my time
      *find a prospect with a need (and preferably a well-established brand as a reference)
      *deliver the service (even for free to get a reference....and nobody knows you did this for free). Maybe even for a few clients
      *Use these references to find similar ones

      Depending on the service and your industry (B2C or B2B) the approach may differ.

      The key is test, test, test, test.

      Setup a landing page

      Try with advertising, direct messages, emailing and ask your friends, family, prospects on feedback and see which people and roles convert. And build & scale from here

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  • GN

    Gustavo Nunes

    24 days ago #

    Hey, Ronald.

    I have two questions for you:
    1- How do you see AI enabling brands to deliver personalized content and customer experiences at scale?
    2- Startups and smaller businesses should focus on using AI for growth?

    • RV

      Ronald van Loon

      about 20 hours ago #

      Thanks Gustavo and a great question to kick off today!

      AI is everywhere in every step of the process to deliver personalized content. Give a few examples starting at the personalized content & experience and step by step more into the company processes
      *Social media, paid marketing any other channel: Every piece of content you on social media see is based on an algorithm.
      *All communication & interaction is tracked (if you have consent in the social channel) and analyzed by...algorithms who define which topics are important for you as a company
      *Content creation: to improve the video quality...AI is used to improve quality or find the right content
      *Sourcing and syndicating content: all driven by algorithms

      As a company you have to define how AI can help to improve your metrics. Almost every tool you use, applies some kind of AI to make your work easier and deliver more results...at scale

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      • RV

        Ronald van Loon

        about 20 hours ago #

        Answer to your question 2

        It is easier than ever to use AI driven applications. Especially startups can benefit from it by limiting redundant work, finding right prospects or any aspect of your business.

        The more you define an ideal landscape of AI tools that support your business, the more effective and efficient you can be.

        If you should develop your own AI tools....in 95% from the cases probably not...as standard tools are available on the market

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  • OA

    Olumide Adaramoye

    13 days ago #

    Hi Ronald,

    How do you think Growth teams in Africa's emerging economies can drive growth among their users using low-cost technologies such as USSD and text messaging.

    • RV

      Ronald van Loon

      about 20 hours ago #

      To put my answer in perspective. My focus areas are US, W-Europe, India and China.

      I am not up to date about developments in Africa.

      In general, ease of use and low (free) cost of communication are fast-growing areas.

      Facebook Invested $5.7 Billion In India, Buying Stake In Reliance Industries’ Digital Division Jio Platforms. They provide low cost or free telecom and cover big part of the market.

      Depending on what messaging types are available, low cost (free) and easiest to use will have a higher chance to be successful

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  • EC

    Emília Chagas

    10 days ago #

    Hi Ronald, thank you for doing this. I'd like to learn more about how physical events can recreate the networking aspect when going virtual -- on an attendee perspective. And in terms of fun, interactive activities, what have you seen in online events lately?

    • RV

      Ronald van Loon

      about 20 hours ago #

      You are welcome!

      Online events are different from physical events. I am not sure if physical event organisers will be the ones who recreate the digital event experience.

      Physical event organizations have a very important asset. Visitor details & vendors relationships. So most likely they need to partner with companies that have the right platform to create the event content and the right event experience and bring together a new type of digital experience.

      This is a topic is discuss at my Ask me Anything sessions. Feel free to join my personal Ask me Anything sessions

      And if you have an event organisation...feel free to contact me...I have the platform to deliver the online experience :-)

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  • ED

    Emerson Dameron

    8 days ago #

    What's an interesting way to use Zoom that you haven't seen anyone doing?

    • RV

      Ronald van Loon

      about 20 hours ago #

      Good question....recording executive interviews and edit them to high-quality videos (see all my social channels videos )

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  • WH

    Wagner Hertzog

    7 days ago #

    Greetings Mr. van Loon!

    My question is: how can I seel a product/service that people are not buying during these pandemic times? To be more specific: how can I sell travel packages and lead my travelling agency to survive?


    • RV

      Ronald van Loon

      about 20 hours ago #

      The first step is to have enough cash to survive and bring your cost back to the "new normal"

      Second is to quickly try & test what clients do want.
      1) ask your existing clients (call them) how they gonna spend their holiday. If the answer is negative, look for other services you can deliver that are in demand:
      -Tesla started selling ventilators
      -Hotels became hospitals
      -Clothing manufacturers create masks
      So what can travel agencies provide what is in demand during a pandemic?

      2) define which services you can deliver, look for partners that have parts of the service that will make your service a full product or service, and start selling and delivering.

      It is the entrepreneur in you that defines if your company will survive.

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  • LC

    Luke Cannon

    4 days ago #

    How important is it to develop automated processes that regularly pull data-driven insights, versus going deeper but via more manual, less repeatable analysis?

    • RV

      Ronald van Loon

      about 20 hours ago #

      I think you can divide the well-established processes (not changing too often) you analyze and the new development.

      Everything that is repetitive and established you can generate regularly data-driven insights.

      Everything that is a new development, improvement, discovery you can work with a more experimental and manual approach.

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  • AL

    Audrey Liu

    3 days ago #

    For a company that's still trying to find the product-marketing fit for their new product in B2B Business Intelligence space, what kind of marketing strategies would you recommend?

    For thought leadership, we published an analytics guidebook for the industry.
    1. What would you suggest we do next to build thought leadership?
    2. Who should be the "tech influencer" in our company? CTO? Product manager?
    3. How can we build thought leadership together as a company? Which channels to use for B2B companies like us?

    • RV

      Ronald van Loon

      about 19 hours ago #

      Maybe give some background how I started:
      *I spend 3 hours per day on social media
      *aggregating the best content about big data
      *connecting with people relevant in the big data domain
      *educating my audience

      After 2-3 months I started creating my own articles and mix them into my posts. As I post frequently domain experts approached me to write an article and later record videos together. Creating more relevant content to educate my audience.

      Today social media is moving to video. I switched 1,5 year ago to recording and distributing videos and now 75%-80% is video related and posting 1-3 content assets per day!

      1) buy a camera, proper light, good recording device and start recording educational videos and share these on social. Engage with the right BI influencers and try to get them involved.
      2) multiple. All people who like to share their knowledge on camera, have specific expertise that is important for your brand can be part of your Company Brand Ambassador program. Each persona can focus at another topic and a different target audience that is relevant for your growth and KPI's
      The marketing team should facilitate these people so they only have to do the recording
      3) See point 2.
      Additionally. If you post a story start sharing and engaging with the whole company to boost the post. If it is educational, not promotional employees are more open to sharing it as well.
      I suggest starting at Linkedin for 2 main reasons. Best profiles and you do not need high quantity of assets to build your brand with your target audience.
      After Linkedin is running you can share the same content on twitter, other social channels and email to leverage the content

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  • RV

    Ronald van Loon

    about 18 hours ago #

    Thank you all for your great questions. If you have more questions about influencer marketing, thought leadership marketing, digital events, you can register for my Live on camera Ask Me Anything sessions