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Paras Chopra is the Founder and Chairman of Wingify, an India based fast-growing software company, which serves over 6,000+ customers across 90 countries. Founded in 2009, Wingify has created two multi-million dollar products: Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) and PushCrew.

With a background in computational biology, machine learning, and web technologies, Paras has built a thriving foundation, running and growing VWO - world’s leading A/B testing and CRO tool and PushCrew - the most trusted web push notification platform in the world.

He bootstrapped and grew Wingify from 0 to $20mn annual recurring revenue and built a team of 200+ people in 7 years. In 2017, Wingify won the Bootstrap Champ category in the Economic Times Startup Awards in India.

Featured in Forbes 30 under 30, Paras is a gold medalist from Delhi University, who firmly believes in customer obsession, innovation, and data-driven decisions. He is also an avid reader & his interests include philosophy, science, and business.

Connect with Paras on LinkedIn and Twitter. Read his blog - Inverted Passion

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