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Hey Growth Hackers, I’m Max Menke, founding partner at GrowthX and I help startups, corporations and accelerator programs commercialize innovation and get products to market. 

Over the past 6 years, I’ve invested in and worked closely with dozens of founders through the GrowthX Market Acceleration Program. This program used to be exclusive to GrowthX Capital portfolio companies but we’ve partnered with GrowthHackers to unlock access and insights to our program for founders around the world. Find out more in my course, The Playbook to Product-Market Fit.

I believe that traction speaks louder than words which is why I focus my time and energy on helping early stage companies accelerate the path to product-market it, acquire early customers and ultimately build highly scalable growth engines. In my experience, products and markets are unique but the path to product market fit is not. There is a playbook that any founder can leverage to stop improvising and start going to market with intent. 

Feel free to ask me anything about:

  • Product-market fit

  • Go-to-market strategy

  • Customer acquisition strategies

  • Ideal customer profiles development

  • Identifying and acquiring your first customers

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  • GF

    Gustavo Fonseca

    6 days ago #

    Hi, Max! What is customer acquisition strategies I can try to get B2B coffe shops and restaurants to offer my tea?

  • AS

    Adi Joseph Shmorak

    6 days ago #

    When validating value proposition assumptions and niche audiences I usually start with checking out competitors or adjacent players. I try and look at their customers' review and feedback in app stores, trust pilot, quora etc. Where else would you recommend going for preliminary research?

  • ST

    Sebastian Thobe

    6 days ago #

    Hi Max,

    atm due to Corona I am mostly relying on Emails to get Customer Development Interviews for my Product Market Fit.
    So far I have used different email variations and the basic mail approach from "The Mom Test", so rough vision, asking to chat over the problem as the recipient is the expert, no sales.

    1) At which point would you consider the problem not to be real, based on the low response I get, without any interview completed yet. Of course I would like to conclude that directly from the customers, but its hard to "run" into them at meetups or conferences.
    2) Do you have tips for other communications channels? Atm I am looking into Social Media Groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.

    Thanks a lot

  • TS

    Tala Shivute

    1 day ago #

    I'm moving into mergers and acquisitions and the most popular customer acquisition strategies seem to be relationships/networking and thought leadership. I don't know how to think of product-market fit for a service like this. This sector is not usually considered 'tech', but I was wondering what a business like this can learn from the world of startups as far as customer acquisition strategies and product-market fit.


  • SK

    Suchita Kaundin

    1 day ago #

    In Covid era, I am unable to get potential customers to signup for interviews. How best can I proceed ?