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Massimo Chieruzzi is a nerd. Through his career he's been a Radio speaker, journalist, developer, marketer, entrepreneur and angel investor... but he's still mainly just a nerd with too many ideas and too little time to execute them.

At 14 years old he was the youngest Italian guy indicted in cyber crime for running a pirate bbs and making countless intercontinental calls with his modem to avoid paying the bills through boxing.

He later founded Creative Web, the leading web development agency in Italy and biggest provider in Europe for eBay and other companies.

In 2013, after growing frustration for not being able to split test and optimize Facebook Ads at scale, he co-founded AdEspresso, an easy tool for SMBs to manage, analyze and optimize Facebook Ads.

As the CEO he helped set the product vision, scale the blog from 0 to 700,000 visits per month and build a profitable business with just inbound marketing and 0 people on sales, making AdEspresso the most used Facebook Ads product worldwide. 

AdEspresso was acquired by Hootsuite in 2017 and is now part of the Hootsuite family - where Massimo is GM of AdEspresso. 

You can ask him anything you want but your chances to get an interesting answer will dramatically increase if you focus on these topics: Startups, Facebook Advertising, Inbound Marketing.

You can also check his blog here.

  • BS

    Brad Smith

    7 days ago #

    Yo Max!

    What was the hardest transition point/period going from agency -> software?

    <3 U :)

  • GD

    Giles Dawe

    6 days ago #

    How did you initially promote AdEspresso and which big influencers contacted you first?

  • AO

    Abid Omar

    2 days ago #

    What's the future of Messenger Marketing? Do Messenger Ads will work more than other types on Facebook?

  • FC

    flavia caroppo

    about 17 hours ago #

    Hi Massimo!
    In your bio you say that you created AdEspresso "After growing frustration for not being able to split test and optimize Facebook Ads at scale".
    Thanks to your "frustration", 5 years later thousands of businesses use the app to easily manage, analyze and optimize Facebook and Google Ads campaigns.

    What if you were starting now? What is "frustrating" digital marketers today? Which tool you wish you had? Are you planning on creating it?

    And what would you suggest to a young nerd with a big brain and even bigger dreams (like yourself, basically)? To invest in his/her dream and become entrepreneur right after high school? Or to invest in the tuition to get a Top University education and aim for a well paid job?

    Per Aspera Ad Astra! Thank You :) Fla

  • NM

    Nick Marconato

    7 days ago #

    Max! Thank you so much for taking the time for this. A couple of questions about attribution, the “holy grail” of marketing. How strongly would you agree with the following statement “attributing credit to all sources of ad exposure is guess work”. And: what is your take/process/recommendation to a handle view through attribution for ecommerce sites. Thank you so much.

  • MM

    Marc Mekki

    6 days ago #

    Messenger Ads and Messaging as a target, either as a conversion or traffic ad, is relatively new. How would you rate this as a strategy, and any best practices or tips?

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