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Hila Qu is an user growth expert with extensive experience in growth strategy, architecture and tactics, including product-driven growth, paid acquisition, CRM, and analytics.  Currently, she is VP of Growth at Acorns, has helped the company to grow the user base to over 4 millions, and successfully launched 2 new products.  Previously, she was PM of growth at Growthhackers.com, and worked hard to build the community alongside Sean Ellis and the team. Born and raised in China, Hila also has unique insight into growth and startup strategy in both the US and China. She writes about growth hacking as a contributor to Startup Grind Publication in medium, and her recently published book about growth hacking was ranked as top 4 best business book of 2018 in China.  

Follow her on twitter @hilaqu or on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hilaqu/

  • SE

    Sean Ellis

    2 days ago #

    Hi Hila, awesome to have you on for an AMA.

    I’m curious how much interaction you’ve had with Chinese companies trying to adopt a growth hacking process.
    1) What do you think is their biggest challenge?
    2) Given some of the huge growth successes in China, what is something that Chinese companies tend to do a lot better in growth than their American counterparts?

  • AA

    Anuj Adhiya

    9 days ago #

    Hey Hila!
    Finally we have you on the other end of an AMA :D

    a. What was Acorns growth/testing structure/process like when you joined? What do you think is the biggest impact your time there has made? What do you think is the biggest thing that is still not to your satisfaction?

    b. What is your growth stack at Acorns?

    c. What is the biggest thing you didn't learn from your time at GH that you felt you had to figure out on your own at Acorns?

  • DH

    Dani Hart

    9 days ago #

    Hey Hila!

    1. How are you doing?! :)
    2. What was the most challenging component of publishing a book in China?
    3. What are the main drivers of growth at Acorns. I know there are multiple product offerings, so I'm curious to how you manage and prioritize them.

    Looking forward to learning from you... yet again!


  • NV

    Nicolás Vargas

    13 days ago #

    Hi Hila! Thanks for the AMA

    1) What advice would you give to a college student about to enter the “Growth Marketing World”? What advice should they ignore?
    2) What are one to three books that have greatly influenced your career?

  • RP

    Ritesh Patil

    9 days ago #


    Thanks for information.

  • NC

    Necco Ceresani

    8 days ago #

    Hi Hila,

    Thanks for doing the AMA.

    How does your growth strategy differ between mobile and desktop? Do you run separate teams, do you run similar ads on both, do you track different KPI's? Do you feel you have to be in a different mindset for each?

  • NV

    nikhil varude

    6 days ago #

    hi hila
    how much it is important to think mobile first

  • VG

    Vipul Garg

    5 days ago #

    Hi Hila,
    Thanks for the AMA!

    How should a startup devise a growth strategy among big players? Long term efforts like creating valuable content and investing in organic growth are valuable but how to do that without impacting the short term goals of getting leads and keeping the spend in check. I always find myself in the dilemma of wether I should write that awesome guide that no one has written yet or should I aggressively focus on optimising my ads and reaching out to those prospects manually.

  • AF

    Alexandre Ferrari

    1 day ago #

    Hi Hila, thank you so much for the AMA! =)

    1) Looking for growth insights and product/mkt-fit maintenance, what your main advice at setting up regular communication with customers?
    2) At the pace for a continuous/rapid experimentation process, what seems crucial to you?

    Will be amazing to listen from you! Thanks again.

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