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Before falling in love with growth marketing, Hailey was an English teacher in the Bronx for Teach for America. On her nights and weekends, she launched a mobile app startup and was invited to pitch at SXSW. Her experience with entrepreneurship sparked a journey to answer one simple question, “How do you get someone to buy something?”

Since then, Hailey has worked with startups around the world and writes about many of the lessons learned going from novice to sophisticated marketer on her blog Growth Marketing Pro.

Hailey is currently Head of Marketing at Improvado, a tool that helps marketers automatically collect all their data in one place.

She is also president of Badass Marketers & Founders (BAMF), a community of 20,000+ marketers and founders globally, who gather in San Francisco for Hailey’s events to network, connect, and brainstorm new ways to execute their marketing strategies.

  • MG

    Marc G

    17 days ago #

    What is your marketing stack and how has it shaped over time?

  • HS

    Hubert Sawyers III

    3 days ago #

    What brands do you pay attention when you're making sure you're staying sharp with your marketing efforts? What about these brands catches your eyes and ears?

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