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Dev Basu is an author, speaker, and founder who helps B2B SaaS and technology companies with their growth marketing strategy. He’s globally recognized as an expert in SaaS Demand Generation, SEO, and Paid Acquisition. 
Since 2009, he’s led the growth of Powered by Search  a B2B SaaS marketing agency that helps SaaS companies like Clickfunnels, Reltio, and HelpSystems scale demos and trials with some of the world’s most in-depth expertise in SaaS Paid Acquisition and SEO.
In addition to speaking and leading workshops, Dev is also the author of his upcoming book (to be published 2022).
Dev has spoken at Google, Traffic & Conversion, SaaS North, Microsoft, SaaS Academy, Inboundcon, Search Engine Strategies, Search Marketing Expo, Interactive Advertising Bureau, MasterMindTalks, and The Globe & Mail.
On April 29th, Dev is going to be live, answering your questions on growth and strategy. You can ask Dev about a wide range of topics, starting with the ones below (these would be especially relevant to trial and demo based startups):
  • Generating quality pipeline for the coming quarters 
  • Building scalable growth systems
  • How to engineer predictable MRR growth in your business
  • The pros and cons of hiring fractional CMOs