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Hey Growth Hackers, I’m Dave Shanley, Founder/CEO of Content Camel, a sales enablement and marketing content management tool that helps mid-size companies sell better by leveraging their content more. 

But really, I’m a technical founder that’s navigated his way to understanding growth levers through a series of startups that I founded and exited. I’ve seen seriously rapid growth by starting off as just a guy on his couch to ending up as a public-company exec. 

My passion is for the earliest stage companies finding product market fit. At that stage you’re trying out marketing and sales strategies and channels to see what sticks. I’m happy to answer questions, too, about the growth stages $1MM - 10MM, $10MM - 25MM, and growth $25-50MM. Each phase is different and has its own challenges.

Feel free to ask anything, but just some ideas that we can cover:

- Building strategic marketing and sales plans

- Finding your ideal customer profile / persona

- Building a lasting culture and scaling culture

- Bootstrapping VS raising capital 

- Planning for and completing acquisitions

I’m really looking forward to talking and sharing what’s worked (and what hasn’t!). Definitely connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • TD

    Tim Donovan Jr

    3 days ago #

    Hi Dave,

    I'm Tim, a recent Columbia MBA and Founder of an outdoor fitness company, ShayrdAir (www.shayrdair.com).

    I'm in the early innings of developing a following for my company and I was wondering if you could recommend a growth marketing reading list?

    Would really appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.

    Best regards,

  • AS

    Alexandru Stoica

    1 day ago #

    Hello, Dave. Great to have you here.

    Can you share 2-3 cases without mentioning the name of the companies that you worked for that impressed regarding growth trajectory? (how do they scale quickly/unusual ROI for a specific channel/low CPA)