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I’m Augustin Prot, the co-founder and CEO of Weglot, an API based translation solution which makes any website multilingual. We help 50k+ companies (small and large like IBM, Nikon or Spotify) to display their website in different languages.

We started Weglot in 2016 with Rémy Berda (co-founder and CTO), and built a product used by SMBs through a go-to-market strategy based on inbound and a no-code approach. On top of that, we recently designed an Enterprise offer and started distributing it to larger companies this year. Weglot is profitable with a 2x year on year growth.

Feel free to ask me anything about: 

  • SaaS inbound distribution
  • Getting your first users
  • No code approach 
  • SMBs B2B sales
  • The value of support
  • Any other question :)