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Gaurav Vohra

Head of Growth at Superhuman

๐Ÿ“FEB 29TH, 9 AM PST - Live webinar

We’ve invited Gaurav Vohra, Head of Growth at Superhuman to come to GrowthHackers Community answer questions sent by our community members. 

Register now and send your questions!

Ask him anything about:

๐Ÿš€ Building a growth team at different company stages from founding to Series C

๐Ÿš€Building a great customer onboarding experience

๐Ÿš€Early growth strategies

๐Ÿš€Analytics for growth teams

About the AMA Host

Gaurav Vohra is a part of the founding team at Superhuman, the super-fast email experience, built for high-performing teams.

As a Head of Growth, he built and led their initial go to market teams, growing revenue from $0 to the first $10M+.

Since 2021, he’s led their data science and analytics team. Vohra has also advised startups like Readwise, Start Playing Games, Cooby, and Waldo.

How it Works

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2. Send Questions

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3. Attend AMA Webinar

We will welcome our AMA host for a 1 hour long live webinar on Feb 29th, starting at 9 am PST. We will get stated with questions sent in advance, but will prioritize questions shared by our live audience, so we strongly recommend attending live.

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