Live Webinar | 1 Hour

AMA Session with Enrique Hoyos

July 3rd | 10 a.m. PT

Join us for an exclusive GrowthHackers Community event featuring Enrique Hoyos, CMO at Pexels, now part of the Canva family, the world’s leading free stock content platform. Don’t miss this opportunity to ask your questions and gain insights directly from Enrique.

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About the AMA Guest

Enrique Hoyos is the Chief Marketing Officer at Pexels, the world’s leading free stock content platform, now part of the Canva family — where he’s leading the charge in building high-performing marketing, product, data, and monetization functions.

He’ll share his insights on this impressive growth journey, including the strategies that helped Pexels reach 40 million monthly visitors and grow the library to over 4 million photos and videos.

Known for his unique ability to blend qualitative insights with quantitative data, Enrique excels in understanding customer behavior and translating that into actionable strategies — bringing together strategy and execution.

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