About GrowthHackers

GrowthHackers History

  1. 20 Years Ago
    Beginnings in Growth

    About 20 years ago GrowthHackers CEO, Sean Ellis, started his journey of re-envisioning how companies approach sustainable and fast paced growth.
    While helping launch Dropbox, LogMeIn and Eventbrite to billion dollar valuations, Sean recognized that static plans and teams no longer work in a world where growth tactics rarely last longer than a few months.

  2. 2010
    Coined Growth Hacking

    That’s when Sean coined the term Growth Hacking to help build awareness around a critical movement for marketers. Growth Hacking is the approach used to drive explosive growth through small resourceful teams that are relentlessly testing new and creative ideas. Today growth hacking is a movement that extends around the world.

  3. 2013
    Started the GrowthHackers Community

    The Growth Hackers Community was launched to help marketers and other growth professionals make the shift to agile growth organizations. As of today the community has hundreds of thousands of members, endless resources and articles, and savable growth ideas for rapid testing.

  4. 2016
    Launched the GrowthHackers Software - Projects

    After studying 10 of the most successful fast pace growth companies to understand how they reached their triumph, Sean and his team began baking these learnings into Projects, a purpose-driven software to help teams achieve their growth objectives. Today Projects is used by companies to support fast paced growth teams in a rapidly changing environment.

  5. 2017
    Offering additional Growth Hacking Solutions

    Recently the team opened its doors to consulting and training companies to help them adopt growth hacking principles to overcome team challenges to building sustainable customer and revenue growth.

About Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis, founder and CEO of GrowthHackers, is a leading authority on growth hacking. He coined the term “Growth Hacking” to describe the process used by agile growth organizations. He has been published in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal and is the author of Hacking Growth: How Today’s Fastest Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success, Crown Business April 2017.

He has directly led growth at Dropbox, LogMeIn, Lookout, and Eventbrite and has also provided coaching and workshops to some of the world’s fastest growing companies. Sean and his team at GrowthHackers built the world’s largest community of growth professionals, and provide services and software to help your transformation into an agile growth organization.