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GrowthHackers Projects is the single best system to focus your team on driving growth of your company’s key success metric.

What is GrowthHackers Projects?

The fastest growing companies focus on expanding the value their customers receive through testing across the full customer journey, which generally traverses multiple teams. Coordinating these efforts requires a dedicated system for rapid testing and learning. That’s where GrowthHackers Projects can help.

GrowthHackers Projects is a company-wide collaboration system for growing your North Star Metric. It leverages your team’s collaborative power to facilitate better communication and project tracking across company silos.

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Just getting your team started in growth?

Effective growth teams run as a well-oiled testing machine. Key to this is a growth master who keeps the cross-functional team focused on the best opportunities and establishes a regular testing cadence. GrowthHackers now offers growth master training.


Like others have mentioned, the ability to experiment and try new tactics definitely keeps things interesting.

But I specifically love the creativity involved in that sort of innovation. I am a creative communicator at heart (with degrees in English and Journalism), so having a career that involves determining the best ways to connect with audiences is the job I've always dreamed of having without even realizing it!

Experimentation with constant iteration is what I love most about marketing. Being able to utilize my passion for connecting with users, business strategy, and data analysis is something completely unique to marketing. I love implementing a new initiative, tracking the progress, and being able to understand the overall impact on business success.

Note: There's also a fresh webinar with Optimizely and WiderFunnel presenting this topic from just a couple days ago. Here's the recording:

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