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  • Justin Warden

    Hey, thanks so much. I’ve been realizing the importance of networking. As an Amherst College student I really must take the initiative to meet more people

  • BogomilShopov

    Yes, for early stage startups

  • Antonio Catanese

    Good Digital Marketing

  • raul popa

    the standard page you can make with works pretty nice on every mobile (and desktop too, but you can use it only for a mobile version of the site)

  • Matteo Duò

    I’ve saved the date, thanks again @peeplaja :)

  • Pierre Lechelle

    In my opinion we’ll see even more of these as they can seriously contribute to Customer Success right within the application, without requiring any manpower.

    One second point: support costs a lot to SaaS vendors. These apps could help vendors to lower their cost structure (and therefore maximize revenue).

    Great share Chris!

  • Pierre Lechelle

    One of the best method is to network. You could ask your power base (actual network) if they know someone that could help you out.

    You could also use websites such as CoFoundersLab or Founder2Be. However, I think it’s pretty easy to find the wrong person on these websites.

    Social Networks like Twitter & LinkedIn could also help you to find someone.

    Don’t forget that Co-Founders break-up is one of the main issue in startups. Finding the right person is not an easy task, you should share the same vision, have a similar commitment and have a solid relationship.

  • Angelo Lirazan

    I’m kinda confused about who this targeted toward. It looks like this is geared toward startups that know very little about the startup world, since you go over many different topics. Is there some sort of focus?

    And what order is the material presented in? You have a few points that are in multiple categories.

    I’d like to provide some sort of comment, but all I’m left with is questions. haha Don’t get me wrong, these are all good things to learn about. But are there going to be multiple stages or whatnot so I can choose which topics I want to listen to?

  • nuwan Indika

    that is great nakkeran.but we are right now focus in dyslexia.We hope to develop app for autism also.Is there is any chance to connect with them ?

  • Jagmal Singh

    Thanks for the comment, @loganstoneman

    The article is for newbies only and I am not sure if it was appropriate for audience here. Sorry if it was not.

    I will take action on both your points …
    – Will share more relevant content from other sources (in fact, that’ll be easier)
    – Will connect my LinkedIn profile as well