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  • SiddharthDeswal

    While we run quite a few tests that are more than the average marketing copy or button colors, the most complex test we ran was a 14 day free trial versus a 30 day free trial of

    In the end, we decided to stick with a 30 day free trial because we noticed that more folks upgraded to a paid account everytime a drip mail went out, and we simply had more opportunities to send drip mails in the 30 day free trial.

  • Skyler Hair

    People will always game the system but you can do things to make it more difficult like limit by their IP address.

    I think for any thought leader it’s not really a big deal though because the size of your email list is internet currency $$$

  • Mark Hayes

    I talk to Marco all the time but I still listened to this podcast lol

  • Jessie Wood

    I love the kanban and Trello. Used it for a long time, but I need the auto “time based” list. If Trello could pull that out based on due dates that’d be rad.

  • Isi Ojeabulu

    Hmm that’s an interesting thought Tiffany. I think the major thing is that their content is so great, you want to share it with other people. It never crossed my mind to game the system though. Again, interesting thought. How would you have handled it?

  • kyle waring

    Interesting post.

    Understanding where exactly your audience, customers and visitors are finding value from your website will directly impact the location of your social buttons.

    I’ve also found that incentivizing users to share, e.g. share to get access to this content (content locking) is a great way to further “viralize” your content.

    The key is not to content lock all of your content, and to have a strong summary leading up to the crux of your content.

  • kyle waring

    I’m not convinced that using text messages is a strong growth hack. It might do more harm than good, everything else seemed to be spot on. Though, the welcome email seems to be a bit scripted. More personalized emails could do the trick. For product with multiple account types, developing specific emails for individual account types would make more of an impact.

    Some other interesting email ideas:

    - Automatic [monthly] digest of activity on your platform.
    What are your members consuming the most, or contributing?

    - Upcoming improvements to the product, allow your members to have a voice in product development. Ask for their feedback prior to deciding on a new direction for your product

  • Chris Whyte

    Great idea Sterling. Really like what you guys are doing.

  • Chris Whyte

    Appreciate the advice Angelo. We definitely will. Love what you guys are doing here!

  • Dylan La Com

    Looks like a great little library to do custom notification badges in browser tabs. I could see this being useful for community sites like GH.