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  • Dylan La Com (@dylan)

    Simple and useful. Looking forward to more of these posts @jon-bishop!

  • James Greig (@j_greig)

    I wonder how much coverage the reveal video itself got? (Less than half the plays of the second sighting video at least)

    To me the video seemed similarly fake/insincere. So schmaltzy… maybe some of that are lost in translation Americanisms on a Brit though :)

  • Sean Ellis (@sean)

    I think if they have enough people, it’s probably worth experimenting with them (assuming a reasonable % are your target users). Hard to know how much the business model will shape the user profile.

    Personally I probably wouldn’t focus on either network until they have more traffic. Seems they are still in the very early days. But if they do get big and you wait too long to experiment, you may miss out on some cheap growth opportunities.

  • Damien Selosse (@damiens)

    My experiment is a drive to store traffic adwords campaign. The goal was the retrieve a loyalty card on the opening week of stores. 200 stores on a “re-opening” under another retail chain. It worked very so well that the chain decided to reallocate the on-line turnover to the store when the order was assocaited to a loyalty card (Loyalty cards are linked to a store when created).

  • Anuj Adhiya (@anujadhiya)

    @sean I havent but I have a comment/question – especially on Tsu.

    The entire UVP of this product is that users are rewarded with money.
    To me, if money is your primary motivator (related:, then you’re not likely going to be someone who will respond to/engage with my offering.

    Given that, is it still worth experimenting with communities like these?

  • suryateja Madhavarapu (@suryatejaaaa)

    Thank you for that detailed guidelines..I will follow them for sure

  • Angelo Lirazan (@angelolireezy)

    Great slides. :) Thanks for the share!

  • Sean Ellis (@sean)

    I agree that conversion optimization is often emphasized as a big lever for growth hacking, but it goes way beyond optimization. The challenge with conversion optimization is that eventually your returns on optimization diminish. So new channel discovery and a culture of data driven experimentation are equally important parts of growth hacking.

    Ideally new channel discovery (online and offline) includes conversion optimization as part of the process, since developing a channel often requires a lot of iteration for a channel to start to perform to its potential. When I write “channel discovery” I also mean product features as a channel for growth. Ultimately everything should be tested and evaluated based on its impact on growth (ideally sustainable growth).

    Offline is of course more challenging to measure, but has a lot of potential as part of a growth hacking mix. Over time, even “offline” is becoming more online (with mobile phones and other internet connected devices).

    I personally don’t have an omnichannel experiment to share, but would also love to hear from someone who does.

  • Angelo Lirazan (@angelolireezy)

    Hello @suryatejaaaa I just want to remind you of our guidelines here at Growth Hackers!
    - Do not submit more than one article per day that you wrote (or from your company’s blog).
    - For every article that you submit that you wrote, please try to submit at least one growth article written by someone else.
    Here is a link to our guidelines for reference:

    I only allowed this post, but please follow guidelines next time you submit. Thank you for the share and hope to see more! :)