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  • PaulShapiro (@pshapiro)

    Thanks for submitting my post Reginald!

  • Stuart McKeown (@thegyppo)

    Thanks for the Gleam mention guys, we really appreciate it :)

  • Simona Asinovski (@simonamarie)

    Thanks, Des! I really appreciate how responsive you’ve been. It’s awesome!

    I think I was a bit inaccurate with my phrasing….what I meant is that we can’t use *custom* variables. So while we could use “first name” or “company name”, to the best of my understanding we couldn’t use “order ID” or “experiment name” (our custom variables).

  • Chris Nixon (@cc_nixon)

    Hey Jordan did you ever put this together and if so, can you share?

  • Morgan Brown (@morgan)

    Love this, especially how they learned it was “ok to be more aggressive” as the non-dismissable pop-up drove 2-3x more signups without hurting long term metrics.

    I think as marketers we can be too timid in our testing and acquisition efforts. Great reminder to not be afraid to test the more aggressive scenarios.

  • Nick Silva (@nickcontentboxter-com)

    Love to see how an entrepreneurs natural curiosity can build so much traffic! Seems like they exposed a major scam – do you think an article like that might help raise the profile of my business?

  • Anuj Adhiya (@anujadhiya)

    I’d suggest picking up a copy of Lean Analytics.
    This question is answered quite well there.

  • Dylan La Com (@dylan)

    Google just released a new email product called Inbox, which no doubt will cannibalize many Gmail users.

  • andrew hanelly (@hanelly)

    Not sure about it being “the new SEO” – since the beginning of the search engine era content has been currency for organic search traffic.

    I think this post could have been better, albeit less glamorously, titled “Accurately-Labeled, High-Quality Content is Essential to Modern SEO Strategy.”

  • Dylan La Com (@dylan)

    Node is not a Google technology.