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  • Morgan Brown (@morgan)

    I think so. I think it really picked up in earnest with the advent of the iPhone and subsequent smartphones. More and more employees were bringing their own tech and solutions into the business from the bottom, driving adoption across organizations.

    At the same time, and driven by the iPhone again in many respects, business users have come to expect intuitive user interfaces and products that are simple to use and beautiful. So much of the design thinking of consumer-facing products is being brought to bear on enterprise products that previously put the user experience as an after thought.

    As Sean said, products like Yammer, Box, etc. have found B2B success by grafting growth strategies from consumer products into the space. Yammer’s hack of requiring a specific work email address (instead of webmail) was a great way to generate new leads for their enterprise sales team (as one example).

    I think growth hacking in B2B will be driven off the vectors Sean mentioned (sharing, etc.) as well as deep data mining to find growth opportunities that aren’t readily apparent.

  • Sean Ellis (@sean)

    I definitely think this is the case for prosumer products (like Dropbox, Evernote and LogMeIn). You also see this with products like Yammer that try to get enterprise customers one user at a time (bottom up strategy). Enterprise targeted products have been adding consumer talent to their product and growth/marketing teams for a while now.

    I think they are applying growth hacking primarily in onboarding, engagement and sharing. Not sure that they will change growth hacking much, but they definitely seem to be borrowing from it.

  • ShanaCarp (@shanac)

    Depends on the thing – I think stuff like stripe is not fading business and consumer tech. Organization software is :)